In order to control all the features of Newton, a fast and reliable tool is required. For this reason Outline’s IT team developed Outline Dashboard™, a step forward in loudspeaker systems control.

One Newton or a distributed network of Newtons can be controlled by software that offers real time monitoring of the machine’s status and quick access to all its parameters.

Dashboard™ makes the audio technician's work fast and reliable, thanks to its ease of use and smart interaction modes that take advantage of drag & drop, keyboard shortcuts and copy-paste support.

A very powerful feature is the ability to manage multiple layouts of windows for fast recall of different working space configurations. Dashboard™ has been developed for macOS and​ ​integrates a lot of native multi-touch gestures including Virtual Spaces and Mission Control.

Smaart ® API integration
This new feature represents the quickest and easiest way for users to integrate Smaart ® measurement data into their Newton units and to plot it within the Outline Dashboard software environment. This new compatibility will provide a faster, simpler and more accurate method of system tuning for Smaart ® users.

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