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Rob Scovill
Kenny Chesney's FOH engineer

"Kenny Chesney’s legendary stadium tours are more akin to a traveling festival in that, hosting multiple acts with headliner pedigrees during a show day, they become a case study in signal management and workflow, especially so at FOH.”

“Outline’s Newton provided us a very elegant and hassle free way to onboard multiple AES signals from multiple digital consoles to the Dante network for the PA drive that was designed and implemented by Dave Shatto and Clair Brothers. I'm very impressed by this platform and I can't wait to dig in deeper with it for future tours.”


Paul Timmins
22live’s Hire Director

“Newton was an easy choice for us as our go-to drive processor and one of the items that we had to add to our rental stock as soon as we could. It’s now well established as the industry’s leading device for that role, as it should be – its flexibility and reliability are unmatched. 22live are taking a very disciplined and streamlined approach to our inventory and in particular we are only investing in products in which we all have a personal belief. Newton fits that view perfectly.”


Sean ‘Sully’ Sullivan - FOH Engineer
Roger Waters - World Tour

"The Newtons do so much so well in 1U of rack space, it’s impossible to ignore them as the centerpiece driving our massive, intricate system. Add in the best sounding WFIR filters, simple ease of use, rock solid consistent performance, I can’t think of a better piece to cover what they do."


Keith Cunningham | Britannia Row
Technical Head 

“Following several demos of the Newton we were very impressed with the GUI, fast workflow and ease of use. The Newton is the all-in-one solution to many technical problems.”

“The form factor is the real selling point, it’s a constant battle for all manufacturers to try and shrink the footprint while retaining functionality – Outline have managed to find a perfect match between both. Fernando at Outline and James at CUK have been very receptive to our feedback and feature requests, which really inspires confidence in both companies.”

“We see the Newton being used for all future projects that require simple and effective system management – any tool that speeds up workflow and simplifies complex clocking arrangements is a winner!”


Martijn Van Renterghem
A-Live Sound Ltd

"Because we are using a lot of different point source speakers in different configurations, we need the best filters available to perfectly time and phase align all of them – Newton opened that door for us and we never looked back. With its modern, intuitive GUI it is also easy to use for less experienced sound engineers. After personally using Lake System processing for 10+ years, the Newton really changed my way of running PA systems.”

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Jon Monson - Rat Sound Systems, Inc California

"Rat Sound has been searching for several years for a solution to drive our festival sound systems and Outline has met the challenge with an elegant solution. With the Newton we can combine consoles and drive outputs in a multitude of popular formats, and we appreciate all the various clocking options. Our System Engineers instantly appreciated the intuitive, easy to use software control. Rat has immediately begun deploying Newton's on a multitude of festivals, and we plan on utilizing them on all our festival events in 2019 and beyond."

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Rat Drive Racks

Josh Lloyd | Britannia Row
Tech Projects Manager

"The most important features for us when deciding upon the Newton were its small form factor with such a high I/O count, the wide scope for redundancy with dual PSUs, multiple layers of redundancy on the inputs, its unique approach to switching if an input is lost and the fact that it can SRC the wide range of digital formats it takes in.”
“With the complex system design and show layout, being able to take in large groups of inputs in multiple formats was a winner – the Newton has managed to replace multiple units which used to have to be cascaded, it has eliminated clocking headaches and also means we can have an overview of everything that’s going on, all within one page of the software.”


Eder Moura – Head Sound Engineer – Gabisom Brazil

"I love to use Newton because it is no trouble, we can now have the festival matrix desks plus the festival desk with videos, DI and MCs without problems, we don’t need to worry about clocking issues. Also, 16 outs with tons of processing power is amazing and last but not the least the Smaart integration is amazing. Newton is the way to go now in the digital world, in a single rack space unit we can do a lot. We use our Newtons as system management, summing desks on festivals and output control for the system, linked via Dante to feed delay towers. Also, Newtons solve the clock sync issue when combining with different digital audio sources - that’s the best thing in the world! Also the EQs are so precise and smooth with their phase response."

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halpin ok

Liam Halpin, System Engineer
Sam Smith, Led Zeppelin, Tool

TPi Awards 2019

"The Newton is a powerful unit which answers a long term need for festivals and touring. One unit can replace several of the 'industry standard' units which are a hassle to interlink. No other unit has the ease of use and flexibility in clocking, I/O and routing. I look forward to using them on more of my projects, and as the software develops, I'm sure they will only get better!"

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Kenny Kaiser, FOH engineer for The Killers

“Right now we are using the Newton as our overall system management hub, providing all of our system EQ and control. On our own headline shows we also run the opening acts into it. It is nice not having to worry about clock synchronisation or digital noise with the Newton, and to have the flexibility to send or receive any format we need - this has been of great help through the day to day festival shows we have been doing this summer.
“The Newton is a real workhorse, and it is one unit in the rack I don't have to worry about.”

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Sam Proctor - System engineer for Snow Patrol - ‘Wildness Tour’

“Using one dedicated Newton to replace what was previously several devices networked together has been so much easier to adapt to different scenarios. Day to day, we may require multiple additional feeds for house delays, VIP boxes or hearing loops, or additional fills may be needed. A nice clear matrix grid easily shows what input signal is routed to each output in one view.”
“With us taking MADI, AES, and analogue out of the console on Snow Patrol, each processed input path can have 4 fall over inputs should it lose clock source on one of them. By taking several desk outputs, we had redundancy in the event of an output of the desk going down, or a cable failure.”
“The support from the guys at Outline has been brilliant. The team have listened to product requests and developed the software to cater for real world use, providing help whenever needed.”

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Michael Häck,
System Tech @ Jazz Open Festival

“NEWTON easily met and exceeded all our expectations. But beyond the connectivity and convenience I was also delighted to discover just what a great-sounding unit this is. I also particularly enjoyed using the NEWTON’s zero-latency WFIR (Warped Finite Impulse Response) EQ filters..."

James Coghlan

James Coghlan, System Engineer
TRNSMT Festival 

“Since I used a Newton for the first time in May 2018 as a console matrix, it’s been my preferred method of getting multiple consoles into the PA system at any one time. This year at TRNSMT we stepped it up a notch and used a pair of Newtons in tandem to do all of my console matrixing and system processing. Taking LRSF from up to 4 consoles at any one point in AES3 format with an Analogue backup, and giving me all my PA sends plus record and programme matrix’s, the Newtons worked seamlessly throughout the weekend. With the latest software update including SMAART integration and the tablet mode, what was already a fantastic bit of kit, is only going to get better.”

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Robin Conway, Head of Development
Capital Sound Hire Ltd – London

“The internal word clock management allows the user to remain synchronous with whichever console is live, should they wish, the 18×16 matrix is going to be incredibly useful and the fact that all this is built in a 1RU space just makes it even better.”

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Karen Anderson,
CEO, Rational Acoustics (US)

“Outline has done an outstanding job of utilizing the Smaart API to integrate Smaart measurement data within the latest release of their Dashboard control software. This integration really highlights Outline’s commitment to providing their customers with powerful, forward-thinking professional audio tools and we are thrilled to see Newton/Dashboard added to the ever-growing list of Smaart API enabled products."


Dave Kay, Adlib Audio Director - Ian Nelson, Senior Engineer

"We were looking for something versatile and simple to use, but no other solution had that level of versatility. Nothing has come close to what the Newton unit can do."


Martin van Kouwen, Ampco Flashlight (BeNeLux)

"Being the answer for demanding install and touring applications where top quality matrixing and processing is required, we are very happy that we can now offer Outline Newton to our clients in the Benelux. Audio quality and technical specs are on the highest level which, combined with the extensive 18x16 matrix, has resulted in high profile users all over the world".

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Michael Grabarczyk,
System Tech for Joe Bonamassa (World Tour)

“Newton is an extremely capable device. A single 1RU unit replaces a multitude of current industry standard devices. The clocking flexibility, simplistic routing, and plentiful IO makes Newton a dream to use. Each output has gain, delay, polarity, layers of EQ, and every filter type including both types of all pass filters! The possible uses for the device are incredible. Not only can the Newton make a whole rack of gear disappear, but sonically it is very transparent. When applying a filter, you hear the filter, nothing else. I find achieving the desired result not only easier, but also improves the overall sonic performance of the entire system.”


Davide Linzi, FOH engineer Negrita - MisterXservice

“There is some monstrous power contained in one rack unit: easy to use, fast to configure for any need, no more problems with SRC or clock sync ... I faced a summer tour where, for every PA I happened to work with, I had a powerful and efficient tool for my mixes. Finally a device that has the combination of pristine quality and extreme flexibility. Hope to use it as soon as possible for a festival.
Italian pride. ROCK!”

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